By now, everyone should know that Google is the worlds #1 search engine. Businesses strive to increase their search rankings on Google so that their business is seen on the first page and even the top of the first page on Google. The problem with Google Ads is the fact that you have to spend loads of money just to appear on the first page.

The next thing small businesses do is try to increase their rank on Yahoo!, Bing and MSN. What they may not know is that none of those sites are the #2 search engine. What is? YouTube. Yep, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. “How can I get on YouTube?” you may be wondering. Well, you have to create videos. Now before you shake your head and say videos are more expensive that ads on Google, hear me out. With some companies, yeah, you’re right. They charge an arm, leg and your first born for a well done video.

I’m different.

I’ve created a way for small businesses to utilize high quality video on a small business budget. Furthermore, you can do so much more with a video than what you might think. First, just having a video on YouTube will put you on the 1st AND 2nd largest search engines. “Wait, what?!” Since YouTube is partners with Google, any video posted to YouTube automatically gets entered into Google. Other ways to utilize your video could be:

  1. Upload to your Website
  2. Post to: FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterest & LinkedIn
  3. Embed video to your company blog.
  4. Send video link in your monthly email blast
  5. Put link to video in your email signature
  6. Send video via mobile marketing
  7. Use video during sales presentations
  8. Have video play in waiting area of your business

Those are 8 simple and FREE ways to utilize just one video. Not to mention that we have over 15 different ways to use video in your business. I’ll go over those in a separate post as well. So you can pay for your Google Ads or you can have one video and blast it over numerous sites which will increase your SEO.

Like I said before, our video packages are priced for small business. I’m a small business owner too so I know that marketing budgets aren’t really a thing. Until the end of October, we have video starting at just $129 (normally $199). That’s a price every small business can appreciate. Visit our YouTube Channel to see samples of our work.

I’m happy to meet with any business owner to talk about ideas for your business. It’s too difficult to come up with a price on just talking so I make it free. There’s nothing to loose. Give me a call, shoot me an email or send me a message and let’s chat.


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