If you are a LinkedIn user and you’ve been on lately, you might notice a disturbing trend: It’s becoming more like other, less formal forms of social media.

LinkedIn, the social media platform meant for making business connections, has recently become a forum for politics, memes, and personal posts that really have no place there.

So here’s my tip for this Tuesday: keep LinkedIn professional.

Focus on business

What sets LinkedIn apart from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media is that it is a place for business connections. So focus on your business. Only put out information that will benefit you professionally, and when you reach out on LinkedIn, keep the personal talk to a minimum. Sure, it can be great to catch up via LinkedIn, but at the same time, know that it’s not a forum to just casually chat with your friends. The other social media platforms exist for a reason.

Keep Politics Off of LinkedIn

One of the hot topics lately, but one sure to start a firestorm no matter who you discuss it with is politics. LinkedIn is not that proper forum to discuss political differences. Leave that for Facebook, Twitter, and if you want to add your personal video, Instagram.

For one, political differences should not make a difference in workplace productivity. But, with as divisive as this last election cycle made us and how heated debates over different issues with this country can get, politics can disrupt any kind of productivity in a business. So no need to put off your virtual business connections on LinkedIn with your political views, no matter what they are.

So unless politics are your business and you’re telling people how you can improve the lives of the people you serve or hope to serve, steer clear of politics here.

Memes? Really? Keep them relevant

Now, I love a good meme when I see one. But LinkedIn isn’t really the appropriate place for them. If you’re going to share memes on your LinkedIn page, keep them whittled to motivational posts or posts that relate to what you do professionally. Again, political memes are not OK here, unless you’re a politician who’s illustrating to the public your plan for improving the lives of those you serve or wish to serve.

Side note

One more thing I noticed LinkedIn allows you to do is to put your marital status. Again, not the proper forum for that. Facebook and a range of dating sites exist for that.