Visual Element Media Hosts Free Digital Marketing Workshops

Visual Element Media took some time on Tuesday and Wednesday morning to host a pair of free digital marketing workshops.

The workshops took place each morning from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Tuesday’s workshop happened at the Ebensburg Borough Building. Wednesday’s took place in the U.S. Hotel Tavern in Hollidaysburg.

We hope those who attended got a lot of useful information that you can put to use for your business.

For those who didn’t make it, we’ll review what we talked about.

Importance of digital media in marketing

Scott started by highlighting the importance of using digital media in your marketing approach. Here, he explained that digital media is important because it’s around to stay. If you’ve not embraced digital marketing yet, it’s a good idea to start now. Technology is rapidly changing, but digital media will be around for good. Scott mentioned some emerging technologies that developers are working on.DigitalWorkshop

Scott said digital marketing takes a personal approach, especially to the younger generations. He explained that millenials and Generation Y use social media to feel connected to the world. Because of that, it’s important to get onto social media to market yourself and hopefully build your customer base or audience through digital media.

Along with these points, Scott also broke down how you should market your business over social media: 10 percent selling something, 70 percent community posts, 20 percent branding. He said it’s important to show that your business that supports fellow community businesses. He said it’d also help to show that you know what’s going on in your community.


Scott also talked about digital marketing being affordable for small businesses. Here, he talked about finding social media campaigns that work for your business. He mentioned a variety of social media management and creation software programs that are either affordably priced or offer free versions. He briefly explained Trello and touched on Hootsuite, Send Social Media and others.


Scott spent a good portion of the time talking about video. He went over the variety of options that small business owners have for shooting video and mentioned that 2017 has been called the year of video. He explained the ease of shooting video on a cell phone and explained a couple different cameras that you can use to shoot video. Along with that, he briefly went through shooting video on a DSLR and on a broadcast-level camera.

Scott explained the the variety of media that video can be posted to, including blogs, social media pages, YouTube and email.

Scott said you can add a nice touch by giving your customers or audience a behind-the-scenes look at your business.


Scott touched on using Facebook and Instagram Ads. He mentioned how you can specifically target your audience as wide or as narrow as you would like in Facebook Ads and that what terms you enter into Facebook Ads will affect how widespread or how niche your audience is.


While Scott didn’t mention much on this topic, he also talked about tracking how social media is going for your company. He spoke briefly of analytics, specifically Google Analytics.  He also touched on Facebook Business.

It is important to use a system that tracks your social media profiles. You’ll have some concrete evidence to show you how your digital marketing through social media is performing.

Thank you

We thank all the businessmen and businesswomen who took time to come out and learn more about digital marketing. If you’d want our help, contact us here.