How to get more video views on social media

When it comes to digital marketing, video can be an extremely useful tool. Video, if created properly, allows you the chance to captivate your audience and put out a message that will draw more people to your brand and get more views. Doing it right is key. You want to put your best foot forward in creating video for social media.

In addition creating a quick-hitting video that effectively yet quickly gets out the message you want to put out, as well as putting together a creative and lively video that shows your passion for your message, you want to focus on driving up views on your videos in order to potentially attract more business. You want to get people talking about your video. Here are some ways to get more video views on social media.views

Tag people and businesses involved in the video

When you post your video to social media, tag the people and the businesses involved in that video. Whether it’s a short shout-out thanking them for their help or calling their attention to their appearance in the video now that it’s ready, you want to catch the attention of those whom you worked with.

Sure, if they follow your page already, they might see your video without the tag. But, in case they wouldn’t see it or they don’t follow your page, you’ll want to tag them.

On Facebook, you can start typing the name in your post, if you follow that company or person’s page, and it will pop up in a drop-down below, or you can use the ampersand. On Twitter and Instagram, you’ll want to search the company or person beforehand to find their handle and then when you know their handle, type it with the ampersand in your post.

Collaborate with another business on your video

In sports, there’s a phrase that goes, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’ While that refers to winning a championship, it’s a saying that fits well in the business world. When you have a video idea that you feel might benefit both you and another business if you work together on it, do your best to make that collaboration happen.

Working with another business on video will help you both gain exposure. You’ll be able to merge your ideas into a creative video that will showcase you both. Do it well, and you’ll show that you can work well with other businesses and are open to other ideas.

As was briefly mentioned above, working with another company allows for more ideas to flow. When planning the video, you’ll have more creative voices working together to combine their ideas and visions into a strong video that will benefit both companies instead of just a singular set of ideas. It will open up the possibility of fresh ideas and a new direction that perhaps neither company has gone in before.


Use Facebook Boost

On Facebook, you can use the Facebook Boost option to get more views. This will cost you money, but if you’re willing to invest those costs, boosting could pay off for you. Here is some more information on Facebook Boost.

When you go to boost a Facebook post, you have options on how much you want to pay that depend on how much you want to boost your post.

Facebook must approve your boosted post. Facebook says it will usually review the posts in under an hour. Facebook also gives you the option to schedule a post in order to get your boost approved in the timeframe that you want it approved.

Facebook also says that you can be charged for your boosted post before it’s approved because it’s already up, but the social media site says if the post is not approved, the site will not charge you more.

Creating your video

The key to getting views, as mentioned above, is a creative and quick-hitting video that will get your message across in a brief, effective manner. Whether you create your own video or go with a production company, you’ll need to keep it short. People do not want to sit and watch long videos on the web.
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