As we all strive to navigate these uncertain and disruptive times, our goal as a company and as individuals is to care for people the best we can.

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking how we can do just that. What I have decided is best for Visual Element Media and Your Church Media will be outlined below.

I want to stress that my decision is not a political stance, endorsement, or sell-out, but rather an opportunity to show people that we can and will adapt to the circumstances we find ourselves in. As those circumstances change, so will we. Again, our ultimate goal is to care for and support our communities.

Visual Element Media will continue to help businesses, non-profits, and churches communicate digitally with their audiences by offering on location/in-studio video production, podcast recordings, and live stream services.

VEM representatives will wear masks at all times during in-person meetings, on-location shoots, in-studio recordings, and during all live stream productions.

For on-location productions and live streams, we will supply our own hand sanitizers and necessary equipment will be cleaned at the beginning and end of use.

I believe we all want to see our communities not just survive, but to thrive again. They can only do that when we come together and support each other. At VEM, we believe one way to come together is by using digital media to communicate with each other. That is what we offer!

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out at

Stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Scott Cunningham
Visual Element Media | Your Church Media | Agapé Local