Video is great, when you actually use it.

Recording high quality video right from your smartphone has made creating video content even easier for you and businesses like yours. The problem is learning how or just finding the time to edit the video into something that you are able to put out on social, your website, and other platforms.

Let’s face it. Most people don’t have the time or desire to learn how to cut video clips, add text, create subtitles, insert transitions, color correct, add background music and add lower thirds or an end tag to their videos. So while you have tons of great video and photos on your phone, it isn’t doing anything for your business. That’s why we have created the You Record. We Edit. service here at Visual Element Media.

You record video clips or take photos and we will edit them into an awesome video for you!

How does it work?

We tried to keep this as simple as possible. We will create a Google Drive folder that you can upload video clips and photos to right from your smartphone, computer, or video camera. We will then take those videos and photos and edit them into a completed video for you. 

What is included in the price?

  • Trimming Clips
  • Adding video transitions
  • Adding text/lower third text (from our library of fonts)
  • License-free background music
  • Crop/Resize video to: 16×9 (wide) | 1×1 (square) | 9×16 (vertical)
  • Inserting Logo bug in the corner frame
  • Creating a simple end tag

We will have the first cut back to you within 48 hours. Guaranteed.
We are able to include subtitles, color correction, stabilization, 2nd level effects, and custom fonts at an additional cost

Also included in our simple pricing is one additional edit from the first cut. We will then deliver a final copy through Google Drive for you to download.

Scott editing together video clips and photos sent from a client into a Facebook ad.

This is a great way to save money on production costs, while freeing up your time to get more stuff done, but still having a great, simple video to put out. If being a videographer isn’t your thing, we can help you capture professional, HD video too.

Simple Video Editing

We like to keep it simple. You can upload as many clips as needed to the Google Drive Folder.

Those clips will be edited down into either a 15, 30, or 60 second video or have a custom video made for you. If you need a video longer than 60 seconds, please let us know and we will give you a quote!

  • 15 Second: 75 – Great for Facebook/Instagram ads (get 2 for 125!)
  • 30 Second: 150 – Think of a traditional TV-style video (get 2 for 250!)
  • 60 Second: 250 – Branding and building relationships (get 2 for 450!)

You can’t go wrong with how simple and quick we are making this for you! Contact us today and let’s get started! [Click Here] for a FREE consultation!