Duncansville, PA | January 15, 2021

We have always strived to help our local communities improve their communications by using digital media platforms. Recently, (especially over the last year) we have seen the need for digital communication increase within the Church.


We recognize that church media will play a large role in establishing communication in the coming years as digital use continues to increase. This is why I am proud to announce a new division of VEM – Your Church Media. Your Church Media will work directly with churches and ministries in order to help create clear and effective communication as well as develop tools using video, social media, email among other methods as churches strive to continue to share and spread the Gospel.

Scott Cunningham, owner

Your Church Media offers video production, social media outreach, podcast production, email communications, live stream setup, websites, and digital strategy. My 12 plus years of experience in video/digital communication along with my years of serving within the church has taught me how churches can benefit from digital media.

If your church is looking to develop a digital presence and communication abilities with members and the public, I’d love the opportunity to talk with you and hear your vision. In the meantime, please check out, YourChurchMedia.