Why do we need quality communication?

With so many platforms to communicate on, sometimes the urgency to get a message out on all platforms takes away from the quality of the actual message. Along with that, in many cases, we are asking individuals to communicate in ways that they aren’t used to with tools and technology that are foreign to them as well.

This leads to poor communication, confusion, and frustration all around. The best way to communicate is face to face. This allows for people to hear directly from the source. It allows you to hear inflections and tones in what is being communicated. This prevents a lot of misinterpretations of what is being said by removing the need for the viewer to fill in the gaps. Face to face communication also holds people’s attention longer. By keeping their attention, retention of the information being communicated is higher.

You might think, “That’s all great, but what about when we can’t do face to face?”

That’s where video communication has become a vital tool for businesses, schools, governments, churches, and many other organizations. Video is the next closest form of face to face communication. Viewers feel video is more authoritative. This is because you can see who is speaking while hearing how they are speaking in their tone and inflections.

Video also engages more senses for the viewer which will hold their attention longer and increase retention of what you are communicating. The better the quality of the video, the more trust people tend to have in the message.

How VEM helps.

As a digital communication company, VEM is able to create videos in pre-recorded or live stream in a professional, high-quality manner that gets your message out clearly and creatively.

The benefit to using VEM is that we allow you to focus on WHAT you need to communicate and we focus on HOW to get that communication to the people who need to hear it.

Our live stream abilities allow us to stream and record simultaneously in full HD with up to 3 cameras. We are also able to live mix other multimedia content into the stream such as additional video clips, audio, Zoom video calls, on-screen text, or graphics, high-quality audio and more. At the end of the stream, we can hand over a hard copy of the event. No post-production needed! We are able to stream to your website, YouTube, or Facebook.

For some people, it’s not recording that they have a problem with. They are able to record some good video clips with a smartphone or DSLR camera. Their issue is with editing the clips together into a cohesive video. VEM also offers what we call, You Record, We Edit. This is a GREAT way for companies to get quick videos out to people. You simply record the clips to your phone or camera. Upload those clips to a Google Drive folder that we set up for you and we take those clips and cut them together, add some music, some text to the screen and then send a completed video back to you within 48 hours.

We all need to begin thinking outside the box of how to communicate effectively through digital media.

If you have questions or would like to learn some ideas for how video or live streaming could help you, connect with us. We offer stress-free consultations either in person or by video chat.

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